Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Note to self: Never take Halifax transit

So this bus driver in Halifax has been suspended from his job (with pay) for clubbing a fake baby seal.

What?! First off, this guy is a total douche. Not only is it ridiculous and stupid to club a fake seal in front of protesters and the general public, but to do it during the middle of your work shift? With passengers waiting on the bus? And the guy had to cross the damn street to reach the protest. And NOW he’s getting paid to sit on his ass while Halifax Transit decides what to do with him. What!? Why does this man exist?

This reminds me of those dumb guys we all knew in high school. The guys who would fart and laugh about it and tell you about their fart. The guys who punched in lockers because it was cool and manly and impressive. The guys spray-painted dumb tags onto the portables after school, even though they grow up in rich, white suburbia and drive their parents’ BMWs. The guys who do stupid shit to impress people, but really just look…well, stupid.

This man was apparently trying to get in touch with his inner 17 year old by beating up a toy for shock value. To prove how much cooler he was and how manly he was. And he did it in the middle of his work shift.

Now they’re deciding what to do with him. What to do with him?! Write this guy up! How many of you could just leave your job for five minutes, run across the street, make an ass of yourself and go back to your jobs? If you did that, what would the consequences be? At least a write-up, a warning and a few days without pay. This guy should loose his friggin job – he’s showing the rest of Canada/the world that (apparently) Halifax Transit drivers are unstable. Bad PR, Halifax Transit.

What a dick.

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