Monday, April 6, 2009

Science and Tech to get a new home?

Anyone that knows me knows I love science. It’s something I love reading about, listening to and learning (even if I don’t always understand things). In fact, when I was a kid I wanted to be an actor, singer, scientist and paranormal investigator (and was determined I could be all at the same time). So, naturally, a trip to the museum was always exciting.

Ottawa has fabulous museums. There’s the National Art Gallery, Museum of Civilizations, Museum of Nature, Science and Tech Museum, the War museum…not to mention smaller ones like the Museum of Contemporary Photography, the Bytowne Museum and a whack of others I don’t know about. Most of those museums lie in the downtown core within a bit of a walk or short cab ride of each other, and if you go to Ottawa, I’d really recommend spending a day and checking them out.

This CBC article talks about a third attempt at a study to bring the museum of Science and Tech closer to Ottawa’s downtown core; a move which, though it’s expensive and time-consuming, I definitely support. Even as a kid I remember thinking the museum was way the hell out of the way and now that I’m an adult and know how money and transportation work, I’m thinking that no tourist would ever pay cab fare to get out there for the day. It’s easier to just stay close to downtown and see the museums there (even though the Museum of Civ. is a little lame). Will the museum of S&T get their wish? They’ve been told no the past few times they tried…but maybe this time will be different. After all, the new War Museum opened up just a few years ago (and there’s no way that huge, empty-for-no-good-reason lobby was cheap) and maybe there are rich science nerds out there who can donate a million here or there.

Besides, I think downtown Ottawa could stand to use a few more rockets, lighthouses and crazy kitchens. There are only so many pictures of the parliament buildings a person can take…

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