Sunday, April 26, 2009

We Need to Talk

Hey! How’s it goin? Did you ever get rid of that stain? I’m doing pretty good.

Listen, I know that we’ve been seeing each other pretty regularly for a few months now and I don’t want to change what we have or anything – it works pretty well for me and I really like just being able to see you when I’m free and whatever. I’m not looking for a huge commitment…but some things just have to change.

I love that I can turn you on so easily. One twist of the wrist and you’re totally revved up, hot and ready to go. I love how wet you get and I absolutely love that you totally bring all my “dirty” out. 

But this morning, you were cold. I know that we normally get together in the evenings, but I was just too tired last night and decided that the morning would be a good idea. A good change. I took off my clothes and at first I thought you were really into it. You were hot and pulsing and instantly wet – I loved it! I loved how you took the sleep right out of my eyes and covered my entire body with yours. But then, halfway through, you just…turned off. You went from a hard stream to a soft trickle. You went cold. I tried and tried again and managed to get you hot once more…but when I tugged on that rod that makes you spurt, I got nothing but a cold trickle. I was resigned. I got down on my knees and finished the job I had started. I was not happy. 

You always seem to do this. Half the time you’re totally up for anything – long or short, you don’t care and you’re just great! But the other half of the time you don’t even turn on. You’re weak and constantly flopping between hot and cold…it’s a pain in the ass and I’m sick of it. I’m sick of just getting going and then you deciding you don’t want to let me finish. I deserve more than this! I deserve someone who is ALWAYS hot and strong! Someone who will ALWAYS be there for me when I need it. Someone who will let me draw the curtain open and shower me with warmth and finish all the jobs I start. Someone who will even, once in a while, let me light a few candles, add some scented oils and relax with them. I can’t believe I shave my legs for you all the time.

If you can’t change, I’m afraid that I’ll have to start going elsewhere. The gym, a friends house…even my workplace can give me what I need. What I deserve. You constantly drain me and my tears get caught in the flow. I’m really sorry it has to be this way, but I just can’t deal with this anymore. And don’t even think of blaming the dishwasher.


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