Monday, September 21, 2009

i read teh lolcats n u read teh lolcats

I tend to check a few websites a few times a day; mental_floss, digg, awkward family photos and, as ashamed as I am to admit it, LOLcats.

When I first heard about LOLcats, I thought it was the stupidest thing ever. The pictures were cute, sure, but the language and captions were beyond stupid. Eventually, though, I grew to enjoy it and even "lol" every now and then.

The thing I can't stand, though, is reading the comments. Have you ever tried to read the comments under a lolcat picture? They're dumb. They're beyond dumb. Here are a few examples from this picture:

"Jus rememburr, teh camera awais addz 10 powndz!"

"moar snuggle mateeriawl – alwayz gud!"

"Him’s moar dan floofee!"

And my favourite:

"I had a kitty dat lukkt like dis deh last few munfz uv her life…shii had ben a svelte and helthy kitty until shii developed congestive hart failure at deh ripe old age uv 16… den shii started retaining fluid in hur trunk… I tooke hur tu deh vet mennee timez in doze last munfz. shii wuz putted on Lazik and had tu haz hur tummee “drained” neerly ebry week. Finally, wen shii and I kuld stand it no longer, I had hur put down. And yes, I cryed and cryed.
But it wuz not animal abuse dat maked hur luk like dat….. Yoo shud not judge wen u duz not noez deh truth uv deh situation."

Yep, this person is talking about their beloved cat dying from congestive heart failure and using words like "maked", "munfz" and "shii". Classy.

The worst -WORST- part about all this, is that these probably aren't 12 year old girls typing these things. These are adults. Full-grown, presumably social and stable adults, typing this way and talking in this language. I've tried writing in "LOLspeak" and it drives me insane - it's so much more difficult than just using plain old English.

Can you imagine an adult speaking and typing like this? It's pathetic! And sitting there watching the threads, commenting on every comment and every post, participating in fake "tea parties" that appear to happen in these comment threads and saying things like "ohhai kthx bai" makes me feel a little said for them.

ok thx fur readin i go nao kbaiLOL

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