Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Three years ago I decided I wanted to try biking in the city. My mom gave me her old bike and I hopped on. It was a disaster. I would huff and puff all the way to yoga class and would huff and puff my way halfway back home again, often opting to walk the 45 minutes home instead of bike. I got a temp assignment and would have to arrive 20 minutes early so I could change and cool off and try to get the redness out of my cheeks. I was a fat girl on a bike in EVERY sense of the word. I gave up and simply shrugged “I guess I’m not a cyclist”. That was the end of biking for me.

Last spring I decided I wanted to try biking again. My fabulous roommate Liz gave me her old bike that was just hanging out in the back yard, so I pumped up the tires, threw some oil on the chain and I was off. Biking went better than expected. I still huffed and puffed a bit, but for the most part I was fine. After a month, I was biking everywhere and didn’t buy a metropass for the rest of the year.

Last month I found a cheap used road bike online and bought it. It changed my life. While I loved my old bike with its cute basket and seat as wide as a La-z-boy, it was heavy and killed my knees. My ‘new’ road bike, though, was light and fast, with thin tires and badass tape. I rode it for 20 minutes and was hooked. I can’t imagine ever doing the Ride on my old, heavy, fat-tires bike! Biking now isn’t just a way to get around…it’s something I look forward to and something I want to do on weekends. Why sit around when you could be biking?

When I signed up for the Ride to Conquer Cancer, I was motivated, determined and excited to do something to kick this disease in the ass. I never thought I would become a cyclist or athlete (is there such a thing as a plump athlete who drinks too much and gets tired on hills?), much less inspire people. But every day I’m getting messages from people saying how proud they are of me and how much it means to them that I’m doing this. Who knew?! Not only does the encouragement motivate me to get out and train, but it makes me more and more excited to do this ride and show them that their kind words and donations are not for nothing.

As my ride gets closer and closer I get more excited and nervous and fidgety. It’s going to be hard and long, and right now they’re calling for a %40 chance of rain (oh god wouldn’t that suck?!)…but I’m really pumped and can’t wait to get on the road. With my friends cheering me on, I’m sure I can make it up any hill that comes my way.*

*except for the “Hamilton Hill”. Apparently it’s disgusting and a –literally- 45 minute climb. I’ll try my best…but am okay with walking that SOB.

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