Thursday, July 8, 2010

I swear to god

I swear to god the next person that steps out into the road while I'm biking down it, I'm going to hit. If you seriously can't walk 10 feet to the intersection and cross there, then I seriously can't wait to run into you with my bike. And hopefully, the accident results in you bleeding.

And I swear to god the next person that pushes their stroller out in the middle of Yonge Street and tries to cross with their BABY, I'm going to fucking get off my bike, pick up the baby and chastise the parent hardcore. Then I'm going to kick the parent and make their baby watch until their baby cries and the parent cries because their baby is crying. Then I'm going to call the baby when they're like nine years old and I'm going to say "hey, your parents didn't care about your safety when you were a kid and they probably don't care about it now" and the nine year old will eat that shit up because that's what kids do. They're like sponges.

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