Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Jenny Alphabet

I have never learned the military alphabet. I don’t know where people learn this alphabet and I’m not sure why people learn it, but somehow I missed that lesson. It’s not a huge deal; it doesn’t come up in most peoples’ everyday conversation so what does it matter if they say “A like Apple” or “A like Alpha”? For me, though, I have to spell things out like that over the phone every other day and since I never learned the “proper” way to do it, I made up my own words.

Here are the two versions, military and Jenny:

Alfa - Apple
Bravo - Bob
Charlie - Cat
Delta - Danger
Echo - Elizabeth
Foxtrot - Frank
Golf - Golf (okay, this one is the same)
Hotel - Hello
India - I've never had to make up one for "I". Most things don't sound like "I".
Juliet - Jump
Kilo - Kitten
Lima - Love
Mike - Mary
November - Nancy
Oscar - Octopus
Papa - Pretty
Quebec - Alright, ditto "I"
Romeo - Roger
Sierra - Sunshine (which for some reason always makes people laugh and say "aw so cute")
Tango - Tophat
Uniform - Under
Victor - Vortex
Whiskey - If someone can't hear "W" properly then they're super dumb
Xray - Nothing better than Xray
Yankee - Yellow
Zuhu - Zoo

So there we have it. If you call me and ask me to spell out my name you'll get "S like sunshine, e, r, w, y like yellow, l, o like octopus". Maybe I should try to learn the military alphabet, but I kind've like my words better. I mean, why say "Delta" when you could say "Danger"?

Good thing I never stuck with Air Cadets.

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