Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Free Nudist Magazines

Craigslist is great.

I have found jobs through it, books, friends, first dates, rides and countless hours of entertainment. The Personals are always good for a laugh, the For Sale section is always good for a bargain, and every now and then the Free section really blows my mind. Usually the Free section is filled with couches, tables, dirt and wood, though sometimes you find great ads with great crap. Take this ad for example – free nudist magazines.

What kind of content do nudist magazines have? A lot of ads for nude cruises and resorts? The latest nudist trends? Best nudist hotspots? Hats? Sunscreen? Lysol? A lot of “Why I Choose to Nude” stories?

Part of me wants to pick these magazines up and have a look into this culture. Part of me doesn’t want to feel like a pervert. A huge part of me doesn’t want a naked old man coming to the door to pass them along to me. No thanks.

If you were going to write an article for a nudist magazine, what would you write?

1 comment:

  1. From Craig's List to Nudity!
    Most people would love to be nude when swimming, sunning or hot tubing, in Florida we even have nudist resorts with nude bars and nude night clubs, foam parties are always fun, and the occasional "dive in movies" where there is a movie played on a big screen next to the pool, it is really cool to lay on a raft, under the stars, completely naked, watching your favorite movie!
    Most people I have met that make a big deal about nudity,
    1. Have never tried it.
    2. They secretly desire it.
    3. Have a misconception that sex runs wild at nudist events.
    4. Really enjoy it, once they try it!
    Check out some Florida nudist resorts, and come to visit, we would love to "see" you...
    Nudist Lifestyle- Don't knock it until you've tried it!