Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I saw a hawk on the way home

On the bike ride home from work I tend to cross from Wellesley through a park to Harbord.  Today when I came into the park, I saw a group of people blocking the sidewalk, looking up into a tree.  Coming closer, I saw that there was a Red-Tailed Hawk having an early dinner of fresh pigeon.  He was just hanging out up there, munching away, tearing flesh and feathers with his sharp talons and beak, as everyone below was watching in quiet awe.  

I’ve seen this kind of thing before.  My dad was a falconer so I grew up with falcons, hawks, eagles and owls in the backyard.  I knew how to hold a raptor when I was four years old and often helped dad with feeding when he was at work, so seeing the bird really brought back memories.  Although it wasn’t a once in a lifetime thing to me, it was still special; surrounding me were men and women in suits and skirts, riding bikes and walking home, briefcases at their sides and cars honking around us.  Rush-hour traffic in the heart of the city and here was one of the purest forms of nature happening right before our eyes.  A glimpse into the private diet of a strong creature.  It was awesome.  

If only I had my camera!  I’ve gotta get me one of those $99 iPhones…

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  1. I found your cool blog by googling, "I saw a hawk in Toronto today" - I saw one too!