Monday, July 27, 2009

I think you're a jerk...

I think you’re a jerk if…

- you stand in subway doors
- you stop in the middle of the sidewalk to tie your shoe/talk to a friend/read a book
- you listen to your mp3 player so loudly that I can’t hear my music over yours
- you don’t hold the door for someone as you walk through
- you get off an escalator and don’t move to the side
- you snap and holler to get a server’s attention
- you work in customer service/are a cashier and don’t smile or say hello when I go through your check-out line
- you have blue lights under your car and drive really fast down a residential street
- you walk four-abreast on the sidewalk
- (okay, I guess most of these points have to do with people being in my way)
- you walk four-abreast on the sidewalk really slowly and smoke, causing you to blow smoke into my face while I try to maneuver around your stupid group
- you drive a Hummer
- you take up two seats on the subway/streetcar
- you litter

I could go on. Basically, I really just think people should be nice to each other, especially if you don’t know the person. Just because someone is a stranger doesn’t mean you should be rude, inconsiderate and disrespectful. C’mon. Jerks.

What do you think makes someone a jerk?

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