Friday, July 24, 2009

The Women's Locker Room

The women's locker room is a weird place.

Not only do you have boobs hanging out everywhere, a lot of higher-pitched talks about "what she said to him and like I just don't think that's cool", and random women trying to enter in conversation while you're trying to change without showing them your cooch...but you have those few people who are so comfortable with their bodies that they just walk around naked.

I'm all for you being okay with your body; ma'am, I applaud the fact that you are so comfortable you don't try to hide when changing, and you're okay with taking off your pants in front of strangers. Good on you! But to just walk across the change room in nothing but flip flops is a little much. And when you start doing your hair or applying her makeup completely nude, I think you're crossing yet another line. I mean come ON! You're not at home!

The absolute worst is this woman that works out on Thursdays at lunch. It seems that every single time I go in there she's wearing no pants or underwear and is bending over with her ass facing the entrance the the locker bay. I get full ass and crack. She doesn't even just do it for a few seconds - I've seen this woman bent over completely naked and texting into her bag for 45-60 seconds. Ma'am, at least stand up. I don't need to see your crack.

Now, I'm all for women's bodies. Women are fucking hot! And hey, boobs everywhere is great! But if you're going to be walking around the change room in nothing but flip flops, I should be allowed to look. Do I? No. Never. Because that's not "right". They're putting it out there but I am too ashamed to look. Teases.

I think it's great that some people can be this comfortable with their bodies, but I just don't think it's "right". The locker room -as private as it is- is a public place and should be approached with some sort of decency and prudishness. If you're going to start doing naked stretches, as least throw a towel around your waist.

I just really don't want to see another bent-over crack.

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  1. Try the men's change room, I have heard from some that they often shower with the curtain opened, checking each other out openly as they lather. I hear it is quite the flaunty flirtatious change room. That, I cannot say, is the vibe of the ladies' change room.