Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thoughts About Weight-Loss 4: Men Have All the Luck

Men have all the luck.

Not only do they not have to deal with periods, wearing bras, bitches that hold grudges, or worries that they may be pregnant, but men also lose weight faster and easier than women.

MUCH faster and easier than women.

My co-worker and I started this whole "journey" thing around the same time, around the same weight. And as of right now, he is 15lbs lighter than I am. FIFTEEN. He looks like he's lost weight, too. And what has he done differently? He's eating better and walking more. Just by changing his diet and walking for like 40 minutes a day, five days a week, he's lost 20-something pounds. While I'm happy for him, it pisses me off to no end.

I've changed my diet and am eating well, counting calories and making smart choices. I walk everywhere. I exercise at the gym a few days a week. I exercise at home a few days a week. I bust my ass and break a sweat...and he's still beating me by 15lbs. Men have it so easy!

(I will admit that I allow myself a 'cheat' here and there, while he says he doesn't cheat at all. But still! A cookie does not equal 15lbs!)

It annoys me that guys can do something as simple as walking or cutting out pop/beer and weight just falls off them, while women have to obsess over every small thing that goes in or out of their body. It seems like a guy can lose 15lbs in a month by changing the tiniest thing, while women would have to put their lives on hold to accomplish the same.

Like I said, I'm happy for the guy and really proud of his accomplishments...but I hate him a tiny bit too.

Ah well. At least when I lose all this weight I'll be able to wear tight shirts that show off my curves, while he'll a different size shirt. Guys clothes are boring. Take THAT!