Monday, March 1, 2010

Back to Bike!

I resolved to only buy a metropass for the coldest, snowiest months (Jan and Feb), meaning today was my first bike ride to work in a long time. It felt GREAT! I sat tall and bundled in mittens and my winter coat, and, though my legs ached a bit as I was fighting against the wind, it was nice to be back out on my bike again. I feel like I may regret my decision later this week, as it's supposed to snow/rain/sleet later on...but hey, at least I'm getting exercise and saving $121 a month!

The potholes, though, are epic this Spring. Last year I thought they were bad, but this year they could win a medal for being so terrible. I swerved around them the whole way, and three of them were as long, wide and deep as my thigh. And my thighs aren't tiny.
It also made me realize how much I missed the asshole drivers I used to encounter every day on my commute; the guy with the excessively large truck who tries to drive fast in morning rush hour traffic, the Purolator guy who drives slowly and pulls to the side last-minute all the time, making me worry I'll get squished between him and the curb...I missed the adrenaline rush.

Ass and potholes aside, it really was great to be back out there again. And I burned 170 calories! Alright!

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