Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I love Mike

There are a few people on this Earth that I love more than anything. My friend Mike is one of them.

Mike is an artist, writer, photographer, and has been unemployed for a while. He's been hanging out with the cat a lot lately.

Here is a message Mike sent me. I was literally laughing so hard I was crying. Mascara everywhere. I hope it's as funny for you:

Late last night while lying down, Lola hopped up on my bed and placed her paws across my laptop's keypad. I opened a blank MSWord document to set up a cute photograph of her being "Secretary Cat". [note: we call Lola 'Secretary Cat' around the house. I'm not sure why.]

Then she began to type! She shifted her paws around and letters came streaming across the screen!

What she wrote wasn't a formal letter to executives or an interoffice memo, nothing so banal. No, she was making something much more expressive, creative, personal: Art.

It has become clear to me that what Lola has made is the script for a performance/sound poem. Not letting herself be confined by the structures of words, sentences and syntax, she has made something pure and beautiful.

Furthermore, I believe that what hitherto we have thought to be frequent and irrational meowing is indeed Lola's experiments with language. Not meant to be an annoyance, Lola's meows can be interpreted as spontaneous art "happenings".

What follows below is a section of her newly written sound poem, Untitled:


I love Mike.

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