Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Update: I love Stacey too

My roommate Stacey has weighed in on Lola’s writings in a mass Facebook thread:

Lola is, in fact, a conduit, attempting to communicate IN BINARY, transcribing part of a Department of Defense satellite transmission!!Any day now we will come home to find binary-covered pieces of paper laid out across the floor of the living room, forming an image of Jenny's face.
[Note: we are watching the X-Files series and there was an episode where a kid was watching static and binary and he was actually listening to satellite transmissions.]

An interesting theory Stacey, although a theory that would deny Lola agency as an artist. However, it is true that I observed Lola enter into a trance-like state while producing her work--possessed by the Muses or by Little Green Men?

Note: I have more photos, and video, of Lola's creative process.

We must observe the documentary evidence carefully to determine if Lola is an artist or an abductee to ensure that she gets the help she needs.The following website was quite helpful in offering signs you or your cat have been abducted or possessed- note especially:

20) “SPECIAL”: You have a feeling that secretly, known only to yourself, you are special or chosen by someone, somehow [if this doesn't describe Lola I don't know what does]
40) ELECTRONIC MALFUNCTION: Certain electronic appliances, (computers, digital watches, etc.) seem to malfunction in your presence with no explanation. [THE DVD PLAYER!]
48) AFRAID OF THE CLOSET: Have you ever been or are you now afraid of your closet or any closet in the house, having to make certain the door(s) are always shut? [As you may have noticed, Lola often stares at/bats at the closet door in the living room-- possible portal to another realm?]
50) REMAIN VIGILANT: Fear that if you do not remain vigilant you will be taken away by someone. [THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL NOW PEOPLE!]

These are the people I live with. They’re amazing.

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