Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Picture this:

While biking to work today, I encountered a hideous sight. I’m used to seeing the fat homeless lady airing out her under-skirt bits, and I’m used to seeing garbage strewn about. I even wouldn’t really be too surprised if I saw that naked woman sleeping on a bench again. But this…this was different.

Picture this: perfectly normal looking Asian girl. Big hair on top of her head, baggy layered sweater, purse with a small stuffed animal hanging off of it, tights, skirt, shoes…typical teenage/early 20s girl.

Now picture this: perfectly normal looking Asian girl squatting over the sewer grate with her tights pulled down and her skirt pulled up, taking a piss. At 7:45 in the morning. On Bloor street.

I honestly had to turn around and look back while I was biking by because I could not believe my eyes. This perfectly normal-looking girl was going to the bathroom in the middle of one of the busiest neighbourhoods in the city, right during the rush-hour commute. How did that even happen?! What possibly made her think that it was okay to pee in the middle of the street? It’s not even like it was a Friday night and she was wasted and her friends were holding her up saying "Sherri, no! Stop!". Eugh.

Now, I guess I should say that I may have seen her(?) holding a penis. So it may have been a man dressed as a woman, squatting and taking a pee over a sewer grate on Bloor street. While the “that is disgusting and you’re peeing all over yourself” factor is gone, the “what the fuck are you doing peeing on the street on a Tuesday morning” bit is still there. I was listening to a podcast last weekend about a woman who had traveled in Africa and she said that often times people would just stop and squat along the beach and she found it unnerving. I, too, would find it weird and gross, but I suppose I would expect it; if there’s no toilets or running water, you go where you can go. If there *are* toilets and you’re living in the biggest city in Canada, it’s really not cool to stop and squat in the middle of the street. Ever.

I never thought I’d wish to see fat homeless lady fanning herself so much.

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  1. Holy cow! If it was a little girl being held over the gutter, that's one thing, but there are loos everywhere. And the penis bit is totally weird.