Monday, August 9, 2010

Writin' n' Stuff

It’s amazing how creativity and inspiration can come and go seemingly on a whim. While holed up on my couch, purging what can only be described as “the devil’s idea of hilarious” from my body, I kept thinking of things I wanted to write about; jokes, musings, blog entries and sketches all popped into my mind and I thought “I have to write that down!” Tyra would come back on or Maurry would tell someone they were NOT the father and eventually the sparks of creation would sputter and die, often sad that they had not been turned into great bonfires of awesome. It’s a lesson that I have to learn all the time, and a lesson I constantly punish myself for: when you have an idea, write it down. Sure, looking back over it in a few weeks may seem ridiculous (ie- I have a note in my stand-up book that simply says “trailer park dick”. I have no idea what this refers to..but you’ve gotta admit it’s pretty funny), but if it’s written down then you can work on it.

In my iPhone I have a note with about 20 lines of ideas I’ve written on the go. Some of them are great, some of them are waiting to be made great, and some are total crap. Often times when I sit down to write about the line, the original idea is gone and I wrack my brain trying to remember what I was going to base the idea around. Sometimes I’ll remember perfectly, other times I’ll bounce off that idea and form a new one, and sometimes it’s gone completely. I guess it’s just the way of the creative writer; you need to hop on those ideas before they die out.

I finished a book by one of my favourite authors last night and went to her website, curious to see if there was going to be another one coming any time soon. To my surprise, she has something like eight books coming out this year…and she has consistently published numerous books each year for the past two decades! How the hell does she do it? How can one person have so many ideas in there that they can produce a huge volume of work every year (and good quality work, too!) I was humbled and inspired. Then Maurry announced who the father was and I got distracted…

I’m starting to notice that the best time for me to write seems to be around 9am. Not very good considering I work 8:30-5. Maybe I need to start getting up early and writing at the kitchen table? I doubt I’d produce anything worthwhile.

Maybe I should quit my job and write all the time?

Just think of it! I could wake up at 8am and go for a run. Come home, shower, make eggs, brew coffee and be writing by 9:15am. Write, doodle, surf, chat, yoga, meditate, lunch, write, nap, rehearse, eat, sleep…every day would be lovely and relaxing! I could meet people for lunch dates! I could take long walks! I could cook elaborate meals! I could connect with myself and find that “happy, zen-like Jenny” I once had those few years ago! And for evenings and weekends I could sell my body to pay my bills. Unemployed days and nights full of sex? I mean, how does that NOT sound awesome?

Alas, I don’t think my morals or my mother (or my unending fear of money and bills) would allow me that sort of life. Unless…

How much do you think I could make by going on the Maurry show?

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